Tips for Post-Stroke Recovery at Home

Tips for Post-Stroke Recovery at Home

Stroke is a serious condition. Even if a person has successfully recovered, the next steps are also critical. Find out why on our blog. Aside from getting health assistance, practical information is essential.

Know the prescribed medications and understand their side effects. You can ask your doctor about what to expect once a loved one returns home. Also, take note that stroke survivors have high risks of getting another stroke. Hence, practice your doctor’s recommended lifestyle modifications. Furthermore, changes in diet and physical activities can be challenging for stroke survivors. These are sacrifices to reduce the risk of another attack.

As a loved one returns home from stroke recovery, you may notice some mobility issues. Falls can happen despite preparation. Never ignore fall risks even when they seem minor. Report fall incidents to your physician and seek immediate attention for serious accidents. You can report incidents to our medical clinic in Ghana, Africa.

You can also explore ways how to make the home safer for the patient. Installing some safety devices or adding features to accommodate their needs can make the recovery convenient and safe.

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