The Different Areas of Occupational Therapy

The Different Areas of Occupational Therapy

Occupation means different things. While commonly associated with work, occupation span the entirety of one’s existence and living activities. When choosing the right health care services in Africa, one should look at the patient’s current condition and the goal of the situation.

Let us explore the areas included in the occupational therapy program of PERFECT HANDS CLINIC. We design our health assistance from your specific needs!

Activities of daily living are regular activities that enable basic survival and well-being. There may be conditions when our loved ones are unable to effectively or safely perform these tasks without assistance. Other necessary tasks can require interactions outside the home. These are referred to as instrumental activities of daily living.

Education is a significant area of occupational therapy. This includes the tasks needed for learning and participating in a learning environment. Our loved ones may need additional home assistance in educational components.

Work is often the most referred to occupational therapy component. As work enables us to gain financial and personal benefits, it becomes critical to recovering in this aspect. As your Medical Clinic in Ghana, Africa, we reteach important life skills and help educate patient’s loved ones with the necessary adjustments.

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