Senior Care: How to Avoid the Risks of Falling

Senior Care: How to Avoid the Risks of Falling

Falling is considered as one of the top causes of injuries and hospital admissions for trauma among the elderly community. As your trusted provider of health care services in Africa, we want to offer some tips on how to prevent the risks of falling for your seniors.

  • Make your house safer
    Maintaining a cleaner and more organized home will help reduce the risks of falling. To do so, you have to declutter your living room, cover appliance cords, install more lights in walkways, and put grab bars in the toilet.
  • Create an exercise routine
    To avoid the risks of falling, you have to maintain physical strength, flexibility, and balance by following some regular exercise activities. If you are receiving health assistance from a professional home care provider, they can help you in creating a routine that fits your health condition.
  • Let your vision get checked
    Blurry vision or any visual impairments could cause accidents while navigating your home. Schedule a visit to your eye doctor to get a prescription for eyeglasses. You may see your trusted medical clinic in Ghana, Africa to get advice before visiting an eye specialist.

For more inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at PERFECT HANDS CLINIC. Our staff members are more than glad to help you. The safety of your seniors is our priority. Call us today!

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