Compelling Reasons Why Proper Hand Hygiene Is a Must

Compelling Reasons Why Proper Hand Hygiene Is a Must

We at PERFECT HANDS CLINIC, a medical clinic in Ghana, Africa, are advocates for proper hand hygiene, especially since this simple habit can reduce the spread of diseases. However, it’s a practice that some people neglect daily.

That’s why to convince you why you should wash your frequently and keep it clean, we’ve provided you some facts about what happens when you neglect proper handwashing and the benefits of frequently washing your hands:


  • When you don’t wash your hands and frequently touch your nose, lips, and the sides of your eyes, you can contract germs that will make you sick.
  • There’s a reason why you should always wash your hands before you eat, germs can get into your food and/or drinks and even possibly multiply on them.
  • The germs from your unwashed hands can transfer to the surface of other objects, like tabletops, handrails, and the likes.


  • Proper handwashing can help prevent diseases, like diarrhea and respiratory infections.
  • When illnesses from improper handwashing are reduced, it also reduces the chances of individuals to develop antibiotic resistance.
  • When you teach a child proper hand hygiene in their early years, it helps boost their development in some settings.

Want to know more about the benefits of proper hand hygiene and health tips to ensure your overall well-being in the long run? Get health assistance from our professionals today!

We provide various health care services in Africa to health and wellness in the community. Talk to us today!

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