• Receptions Number: 030-397-2591 | 556-136-345 | 030-397-2603
  • Ambulance Number: 030-397-2591 | 559-974-149 | 556-136-345
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Efficient ambulance service for urgent medical care

When every moment counts, rely on PERFECT HANDS MEDICAL CENTER ambulance services for swift and efficient medical assistance. Our fully equipped ambulances, staffed with experienced paramedics and emergency medical technicians, are ready to respond to emergencies promptly. With advanced life support capabilities and a commitment to patient care, our ambulance service ensures safe transportation to our medical facility or other appropriate healthcare facilities, depending on the severity of the condition. Rest assured, our skilled team will provide critical care en route, prioritizing your well-being and ensuring the best possible outcome.

Two paramedics in uniforms stand with their arms crossed in front of a clinic and a modern ambulance
Paramedic using defibrillator (AED) in conducting a basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Multi ethnic paramedics performing first aid to man in emergency vehicle
man being transported to an ambulance
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